Office Administrator/Managing Reporter:
Sheila G. Smith
Professional Court Reporter
5832 Lincoln Drive, Suite 270
Minneapolis MN, 55436
Office: 612-296-1522
Sheila is the former owner of Smith & Powell Reporting Service, Inc., which was formed in 1979. In addition, Sheila has spent many years working in the court system of Hennepin County for many different judges, including the Honorable Rolf Fosseen, the Honorable Neil A. Riley, and the Honorable Peter Lindberg. She has been a reporter since 1974 and has experience in a wide range of legal and other proceedings such as grand jury matters, depositions, statements, conventions, tribal meetings, and administrative proceedings in addition to her work as an official reporter. Sheila is a zealous advocate of new technology and strives to stay on top of computer-integrated legal services to meet the needs of her clients.
Linda J. Trondson
Professional Court Reporter, Retired
Claudette Ask
Professional Court Reporter, Retired